Fukuoka University Building A

Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Architect : Kenchiku Design Studio
Yamamoto Hori Architects
Construction completed : December 1996

Fukuoka University Building A

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photo (C) KITAJIMA, Toshiharu.
Fukuoka University Building A The building is composed of three main sections, including oval planned lecture hall in its center, encircled by four-storied open space. A large staircase and half-exterior passageways connect the sections with each other and characterize the building by facilitating active communications of students.

In spite of its structure featuring open spaces which makes it difficult to install illuminators, the lighting designer had to attain fresh brightness, so as to contribute vigor atmosphere of the university. In order to deliver sufficient luminance, the designer paid attention to illuminating vertical surfaces of walls. Each wall of the three main sections, especially central structure with the oval plan, is symbolically emphasized by the lighting. The lighting implements are installed on the corridor along the exterior wall for easy maintenance.

On the other hand, half-exterior passageways connecting the sections are illuminated on the upper ceiling by illuminators plugged in each post of the passage. From the ground floor, people can see the light cast upon every pillar and ceiling of the passage, and feel the spacious expanse above them and the exciting air of the busy traffics there.

The bright atmosphere inside the building encourages working students and pours out to the university. Above all buildings in the campus, the glow filtering through the three sectioned building impresses upon every one the exciting life of studying people.

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