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Profile: Reiko Chikada

Ms. Reiko Chikada has been a lighting designer for over 45 years. She took her career as a lighting designer in Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc. She set up Reiko Chikada Lighting design Inc. in 1986 in Tokyo and has a wide range of lighting design experiences. She has experience in all project phases, from master planning to site supervision, including the coordination of interdisciplinary projects. She also worked in many countries, such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, German and U.S.A. She has extensive range of experience in city lighting for public facilities, landscapes, museums, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and residences. Many awards were granted to her lighting design achievement. She is also very proactive to the academic lectures not only in Japan, but also overseas such as India, China, Korea and Mexico to transfer the methodology and spirit of her lighting design to the world. She has a certain concept in her mind as to how the project will be fascinated by the beautiful lighting design with harmony of the change of environment and elapse of time. Most notably, She has been working as the member of the membership committee of the International Association of Lighting Designers for 3 years and has gained extensive knowledge and experience about lighting on a national level.


Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.

Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. is a lighting design firm with talented lighting designers including Reiko Chikada, the representative.
We design environmental lighting, architectural lighting, and residential lighting.

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Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0002

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