Kanazawa City Nightscape Action Program 2022

As an action program to make "Kanazawa a walkable city at night," the nightscape of the Nagamachi area, where many samurai residences remain, wa......


Ryukyu Shikina-in Temple Completed

The dedication ceremony was held for one of the largest wooden temples in Okinawa Prefecture, which incorporates architectural styles from the N......



Premist Tower Shirokane-Takanawa begins occupancy

A tenant building and condominium with stores has been completed, located a minute walk from Shirokane-Takanawa Station on the Tokyo Metro Nambo......


Completion of the new No. 2 building for Kunitachi College of Music Junior & Senior High School

This school is for junior high and high school students specializing in music (designed by M Archi Co.,Ltd.) The goal was to create a comfortabl......


We look forward to working with you in 2023!

Reiko Chikada: When I sent "RAY10," a summary of our work from 2019 to 2022, to those who have helped us, I received many encouraging letters, e......



Final public judging for the JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF ARTISTS CRAFTSMEN AND ARCHITECTS Award (aaca Award)

The second round of judging was held on November 13 at the Hall of the Architectural Institute of Japan, where one aaca award, one Yoshinobu Ash......



RAY10," a compilation of Reiko Chikada Design Office's work for 2019-2022, was completed and sent to all relevant parties.


Tokorozawa City Landscape Council Meeting

Marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the landscape plan, the Tokorozawa City Landscape Council held a site visit and exchange of......



Lighting Seminar & Night Tour

Organized by: Hokuriku Branch of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, free of charge Place: Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Indust......


Japan-Korea Urban Design Exchange Meeting 2022

Reiko Chikada gave a lecture on "Nightscape of Historical Cities" on the second day of the exchange meeting. Organizer: Korea PUDA (participant......


Lighting Design Award Symposium, The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

We received the Excellence Award for "Kanazawa Port: Clad in Five Colors of Kaga," and a presentation of the lighting design was given by Hisae ......


Lighting Seminar & Night Tour Scheduled

Reiko Chikada will give a 60-minute lecture at a seminar organized by the Hokuriku Branch of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (ca......


Japan-Korea Urban Design Exchange Meeting 2022 Scheduled

Reiko Chikada will give a lecture on "Night Landscape of Historical Cities" at the exchange seminar in Kawagoe City.


Lighting Design Horizon - Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Design Award Symposium (scheduled)

The symposium will be held with limited participation by related parties only. Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. won the Excellence Award for ......



Urban Raffle Nijigaoka Higashi Renovation Completed

A renovation project (designed by Ichiura Housing & Planning) was undertaken to improve the quality of the occupancy rate and other aspects of t......



Executive Committee Meeting of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan and the Illuminating Design Subcommittee held.

Reiko Chikada participated in the meeting as secretary, and discussed the selection of judges for the Lighting Design Award 2023, the Lighting D......



Expanded Steering Committee Meeting of theTown Design Aid (TDA) Held

The 16th session of the Expanded Steering Committee of the Town Design Aid (TDA), for which Reiko Chikada serves as Vice President, was held on ......



Akishima-Ensis received the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Award

Akishima-Ensis (Education and Welfare Center) received the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Award Tokyo Branch Jury Special ......


Unchouan, the pagoda of Engaku-ji Temple, Study on the illumination of the Gohonzon

This temple was built between 1270 and 1300. The principal image of the temple is a wooden Hokan Shaka Nyorai (Sakyamuni Buddha). The fringes of......


International Association of Lighting Designers Fellow + Successive Representatives Meeting

Reiko Chikada attended the Zoom Meeting on future initiatives as a fellow.