On-site lighting design experiment of the Tsuzumi Gate, Kanazawa Station

The second on-site lighting design experiment of the Tsuzumi Gate was held. We were advised by the Kanazawa City Landscape Council members. It i......


Aerial night view of the 4 Bridges over the Asano River,Kanazawa

A night scenery movie of the four bridges( Tenjin Bashi Bridge, Umenohashi Bridge, Asanogawa Bridge, and Nakanohashi Bridge) taken by a drone wa......


The First Kanazawa Night Concierge Discussion Meeting

Reiko Chikada attended the Kanazawa Night Concierge Discussion Meeting as the chairperson. At the request of Kanazawa Mayor, 7 professionals di......



The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Design Award final selection

Reiko Chikada attended the final selection as the chairperson of the judges and selected each award.


Singapore study tour

Night view from the rooftop pool of MARINA BAY SANDS rooftop pool was great!



Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

Our Vice-President Hisae Nozawa attended the council meeting as a member and took part in the deliberation on "the draft report on revised Kawa......


Fujisawa Station North Exit Project Completed

location near Fujisawa Station (Architects: Nikken Housing Systems). Fujisawa City was ranked top as "the best city for housewives." Archite......


"Danchi × Akari (Housing Complex × Lighting Design)" Interview

Reiko Chikada was interviewed by the Urban Renaissance Agency. She revealed her view of "the recent trend of landscape lighting and achievements......


Kanazawa Urban Structure Award 40th Anniversary Forum “Seeking out the urban beauty“

Reiko Chikada gave the keynote speech titled ""Landscape lighting designs around the world."" She was also one of the panelists in the panel d......



Saitama City Hotel and other Architectures Council

Reiko Chikada attended the council meeting as a member and participated in the deliberations on a hotel project planned near Omiya Station East Exit.


Illumination Engineering Institute of Japan Illumination Design Award First-stage Examination

Reiko Chikada was named the Head of the selection committee of the16th (2018) Illumination Design Award. She chaired the first-stage examination.


Omiya Park Grand Design Study Committee

Reiko Chikada attended the Study Committee meeting held by Saitama Prefecture Urban Development Division. She exchanged views with other members......


Kawasaki City Landscape Council Special Committee

Vice-President Hisae Nozawa attended the meeting as a committee member and participated in deliberation on the revision of the Kawasaki City Lan......



A happy New Year!

The first International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Directors' meeting in Asia was held in Tokyo last November. Through pecha-kuch......



Asano River Historic Bridge Lighting Ceremony

Reiko Chikada attended the commemoration ceremony of Asano river four bridge and explained the lighting design concept. The First Light of the ......



Special Lecture at Bunka Gakuen University

Chief Designer Sachi Takanaga gave the lighting lectures and the night tours for the students.


IALD November Board Meeting in Tokyo

"IALD November Board Meeting in Tokyo and exchange meeting with IALD Japan members were successfully held. Reiko Chikada, the Director of IALD (......


aaca (Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects) Awards Final Review

Reiko Chikada and other judges carried out the final review. 1 aaca Award, 1 Ashihara Yoshinobu Award (young architects award), 3 award for exce......


Kawasaki City Landscape Council and City Landscape Subcommittee

Vice President Hisae Nozawa attended Kawasaki City Landscape Council as a member to discuss the revision of Kawasaki City Landscape Plan. On the......


Tokyo Architectural Technology Conference Commemorative speech

Reiko Chikada gave the commemorative speech "Power of lighting design, Understanding and creating the light" for the Tokyo Architectural Technol......