Hokkoku Bank Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting for the Hokkoku Bank (Architect: Togo Murano) has been completed. It is our first step of the "Night landscape action progra......


AACA Award Final Open Review

Reiko Chikada participated in the AACA Award (Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects) final open review held in the AIJ Building.......



Special Interview

Vice-President Hisae Nozawa talked about her passion for garden lighting in "NIWA SPECIAL INTERVIEW", Garden, Issue No.233_2018 Winter.


Completion of Nouvel Akabanedai E area

It is the fifth rebuilding housing complex located at the back of the Nouvel Akabanedai area (architects : Takao Endo Architect Office, Yama Arc......


Design Forum 2018 "Reviving the appealing Castle and Garden"

Reiko Chikada gave the speech "Lighting design to express the beauty of the castle and the garden" at the Forum held in Shiinoki Cultural Comlex......


October 16-20 Canada Study Tour

Vice-President Hisae Nozawa participated in a study tour visiting Lumenpulse Inc. headquarter in Montreal and the city of Boston.


Urban Design Forum 2018 in Korea

Reiko Chikada participated in the urban design forum 2018 held in Guangzhou City, Yongin City, Korea as the member of the TDA (NPO corporate lan......


Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council Technical Committee

Vice-President Hisae Nozawa attended the council Technical Committee meeting as a member and took part in the deliberation on “The landscape adv......


Lighting Society Lighting Design Award Symposium

Reiko Chikada made a review report as the chairperson of the lighting design award for the Lighting Association of 2018 in the symposium "Horizo......



aaca (Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects) Awards Primary Review

Reiko Chikada and other judges carried out the primary review of 45 entries as a judge of the aaca prize sponsored by the Japan Architectural Ar......



Fujiyama Village Hot Spring Expansion Building was completed

Setagaya Ward Health Fujiyama Village ( Built in 1986, Architect : Masako Hayashi ) Expansion Building (Architect: Katsunori Shirai Design Offic......


Completed HASEKO Technical Center

"HASEKO Technical Center ( Architect : HASEKO Corporation )" was completed in Tama City, Tokyo. An integrated monitoring center and an apartment......


2nd Kanazawa Night Concierge Competition

Reiko Chikada attended the 2nd Kanazawa Knight Concierge Conversation meeting. And gave the request to the city to improved the light up bus.


Omiya Park Grand Design Study Committee

Reiko Chikada attended the Committee meeting held by Saitama Prefecture Urban Development Division and reviewed the policy proposal for public c......


Kawagoe City Urban Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada participated in the conference as a council member and deliberated the designation of scenic important buildings.



he new complex "Otepia" Open

Three facilities, "Kochi Library", "Library of Kochi Voice and Braille" and "Kochi Mirai Science Museum" collaborate with each other, aiming to ......



Santa Shimbun Kan Museum

The Sanyo Simbun News opened "Santa Shimbun Kan Museum" within the new printing factory built in Hayashima, Hayashima Town, Okayama Prefecture ......


Kanto Gakuin University

Chief designer, Sachi Takanaga, gave a 90-minute lecture about lighting design for the students in the Department of Symbiotic Design, College o......



Omiya Park Grand Design Study Committee

Reiko Chikada attended the Committee meeting held by Saitama Prefecture Urban Development Division. She suggested an idea of making the night l......


On-site lighting design experiment of the Tsuzumi Gate, Kanazawa Station

The second on-site lighting design experiment of the Tsuzumi Gate was held. We were advised by the Kanazawa City Landscape Council members. It i......