Akishima-Ensis received the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Award

Akishima-Ensis (Education and Welfare Center) received the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Award Tokyo Branch Jury Special ......


International Association of Lighting Designers Fellow + Successive Representatives Meeting

Reiko Chikada attended the Zoom Meeting on future initiatives as a fellow.


Light Pollution Symposium 2022

A symposium for the general public was held in Shiojiri City in collaboration with the International Dark-Sky Association Tokyo Chapter (IDA Tok......



Yokodai Kita housing complex area renewal

The "Future of the housing complex" project (Design supervision: meetinghouse NAAW / outdoor plaza, residential façade and comprehensive superv......


Kanazawa Port won the Lighting Design Award

By connecting various facilities surrounding the bay with light, we created a program to experience the size of the harbor with the dynamic move......



KENCHIKU GAHO "Architecture Against Criticism”

Two projects, Otepia (Otepia Kochi Library, Otepia Kochi Voice and Exhibition Library, Kochi Mirai Science Museum) and Akishima Ensis (Akishima ......



4th landscape lighting in Kanazawa : Seison-kaku and Flower Garden Completed

The lighting of the main gate of Seison-kaku, which was the wife's palace of Kanazawa Castle owner Maeda family, and the landscape lighting of t......


Akita Arts Theater MILUHASU is preparing to open

Akita's arts and culture creation base, which has a large hall, a medium hall, and two small halls, has been completed (Architects: AXS SATOW IN......



Completed The Fine Tower Otemae

It is a 42-story high-rise condominium facing Osaka Castle (architects: ASAI KEN ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH INC). The design concept is "Japanese Mo......


Komyoji Okinawa Betsuin Ryukyu Shikinaen Completion

A wooden main hall and a ossuary were completed (Architects and Design : TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION, Ito Heizaemon Architects, TIS & PARTNERS......


Kawasaki City Landscape Council

Hisae Nozawa, a Senior Associate, participated in the face-to-face meeting of the Kawasaki City Landscape Council as a member, and discussed "aw......


Tokorozawa City Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada participated in the face-to-face meeting of the Tokorozawa City Landscape Council as a member and discussed the revision of the la......



Lighting Award Primary Examination of Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

Reiko Chikada participated as a judge in the first screening of Japan Lighting Awards of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan held at Zoom.


Extraordinary General Meeting of Japan International Lighting Designers Association

Reiko Chikada participated in the extraordinary general meeting of the Japan International Association of Lighting Designers held at Zoom as a r......


National Crafts Museum

The landscape lighting of the National Craft Museum (architects:Yamagishi architects&engineers inc.) designed by Reiko Chikada Lighting Desi......


We look forward to working with you again

We wish you a happy and healthy 2022 Reiko Chikada:In japan, turning on the light is called "turning on the electricity" I thought it was ......



Completion of Sieria Osaka Uemachidai Park Tower

A 29-story high-rise condominium was completed in Uemachi overlooking Osaka Castle (Architects: Haseko Corporation). The high-quality space adja......


Komyoji Okinawa Betsuin completed

Jodo Shinshu Komyoji Okinawa Betsuin was completed (designed by: Toyota Industries, Ito Design Office, TIS & PARTNERS, SngDesign, MOCHIDA, E-DE......


31th AACA Award, Yoshinobu Ashihara Award, Arts and Crafts Award Final Public Examination

As one of the 10 judges, Reiko Chikada selected 20 works from the total of 79 entries in the first round of judging. And as a result of the on-s......


Enlighten Asia 2021 in Japan

Reiko Chikada was involved in the overall event planning as a planning committee member of the 5th international conference Enlighten Asia 2021 ......