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Reiko Chikada:In japan, turning on the light is called "turning on the electricity" I thought it was because Japanese lighting design was delaye......



Completion of Sieria Osaka Uemachidai Park Tower

A 29-story high-rise condominium was completed in Uemachi overlooking Osaka Castle (Architects: Haseko Corporation). The high-quality space adja......


Komyoji Okinawa Betsuin completed

Jodo Shinshu Komyoji Okinawa Betsuin was completed (designed by: Toyota Industries, Ito Design Office, TIS & PARTNERS, SngDesign, MOCHIDA, E-DE......


31th AACA Award, Yoshinobu Ashihara Award, Arts and Crafts Award Final Public Examination

As one of the 10 judges, Reiko Chikada selected 20 works from the total of 79 entries in the first round of judging. And as a result of the on-s......


Enlighten Asia 2021 in Japan

Reiko Chikada was involved in the overall event planning as a planning committee member of the 5th international conference Enlighten Asia 2021 ......



Received the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Award

Lighting design of "National Crafts Museum" (in charge: Nozawa) received the 2021 Illuminating Engineering Society Award of Merit.


Kanazawa Port 3rd term (Fisheries Wharf) light-up completed

At the final stage of Kanazawa Port landscape lighting, the lights on the fisheries pier buildings were turned on, and the 1.5km×1km lighting "K......


Tokorozawa City Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada attended the council as a committee member and selected three "Tokotoko Landscape Awards" to give excellent landscapes based on th......


Enlighten Asia 2021 in Tokyo

Reiko Chikada moderated the panel discussion "What are Asian Creators aiming for after Corona" at the International Lighting Designer Seminar sp......


General Assembly of Japan International Association of Lighting Designers

Reiko Chikada was elected as the representative director of the 8th term (2021-2023) by the new board of directors.


2021 Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Lighting Design Award Symposium

Reiko Chikada participated as a judge in the symposium ""The Horizon of Lighting Design"" sponsored by the Japan International Association of Li......


31st AACA Award, Yoshinobu Ashihara Award, Arts and Crafts Award 1st screening

As one of the 10 judges, Reiko Chikada selected 20 works from the total of 79 entries in the first round of judging. She was interested in the e......


Creation and development of Japanese urban environmental design-

Reiko Chikada is a member of the 30th Anniversary of the Urban Environmental Design Conference, "Beautiful Landscapes for Living", which is held......


Documentary program "Discoverry of Lighting Design-Nagasaki City / Kanazawa City where the light of the city changes" YouTube distribution started

Reiko Chikada and Kaoru Mende talked about urban lighting enthusiastically while introducing the lighting design site in a documentary video. P......



Completion of GOKAKU-Ken (pentagonal eaves’ house)

It is a pentagonal flat house built in Miyama Town, Kyoto Prefecture, which is famous for its thatched roof village (Architects: Spatial Design ......


Enlighten Asia 2021 in Japan Press Release Announcement

Enlighten ASIA is an international conference once every two years that disseminate Asian lighting designer activities to the world. From 2013,......




The Kanazawa Port project, in which Reiko Chikada Design Office was involved, was posted on the back cover page.


"KENCHIKU GAHO" The World that Develops through Library Architecture

In the special issue of Mikami Architecs Special Issue, three projects, Tonami Public Library, Bungotakada Public Library, and Hokota City Hokot......


Webinar "IALD-J Member Questionnaire Result Report Here's LED! Vol.1"

Reiko Chikada Design Office Senior Associates Hisae Nozawa will attend as a moderator. At the webinar, a questionnaire on LEDs for all members o......



Kanazawa / Sakurabashi

It is the sidewalk lighting of Sakurabashi over the Sai River, which is one of the 2020 night view action programs promoted in Kanazawa. The sc......