IALD November Board Meeting in Tokyo

"IALD November Board Meeting in Tokyo and exchange meeting with IALD Japan members were successfully held. Reiko Chikada, the Director of IALD (......


aaca (Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects) Awards Final Review

Reiko Chikada and other judges carried out the final review. 1 aaca Award, 1 Ashihara Yoshinobu Award (young architects award), 3 award for exce......


Kawasaki City Landscape Council and City Landscape Subcommittee

Vice President Hisae Nozawa attended Kawasaki City Landscape Council as a member to discuss the revision of Kawasaki City Landscape Plan. On the......


Tokyo Architectural Technology Conference Commemorative speech

Reiko Chikada gave the commemorative speech "Power of lighting design, Understanding and creating the light" for the Tokyo Architectural Technol......



End of October JS Training Center Completed

JS Corporation constructed "JS Training Center" in the Square JS (Saitama City) as a countermeasure against the shortage and aging of the engine......


Reiko Chikada was named IALD Fellow

Reiko Chikada was named IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) Fellow. She was presented a memorial plaque for the IALD Fellow f......



Received the IES Award Award of Merit

Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. received the Award of Merit from 2017 Illuminating Engineer Society of North American for Okayama Korakuen (O......


aaca award first-stage examination

Reiko Chikada participated as a judge in the first screening of the aaca award held by Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects (aa......


IALD International Conference Call

Reiko Chikada participated in the IALD Board conference call as a board member and discussed various issues for 2 hours.


Kawasaki City Landscape Council

Hisae Nozawa attended as a member of the council, deliberated on the revision of the Kawasaki city landscape plan, and received reports made by ......



Kawagoe City Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada attended as a committee member and received reports from the city of Kawagoe on the progress of landscape measures.



Completion of garden lighting

Along with the refurbishment of the residence (architect: Katsunori Shirai), the garden lighting was repaired so that the garden of the night ca......


Daita Kindergarten Preview

This kindergarten building is a wide open space with aroma of wood. Every class room is connected to another class room by "DANDAN". People can ......


Universal Design and Landscape

"Reiko Chikada participated as one of the panel members in a panel discussion held by Town Design Aid (TDA), an incorporated non-profit organiza......



Special Lecture at Kanto Gakuin University

Sachi Takanaga, Chief Designer, gave a 90 min. lighting design lecture at Kanto Gakuin University, Department of Symbiotic Design.


Kawasaki City Landscape Council Special Subcommittee

Vice president Hisae Nozawa, a member of the special subcommittee, deliberated on "Revising the Kawasaki City Landscape Plan" including the revi......


Omiya Park inspection tour

As a member of the Omiya Park Grand Design Review Committee, Reiko Chikada visited the site of Hikawa Shrine, Hikawa-Sando, Omiya First Park, Om......



Saitama City Hotel etc. Construction Council

As a member of the council, Reiko Chikada deliberated on a construction plan of a hotel in Urawa Miyuen.


Renovation of Tokiwa Hotel garden illumination

Tokiwa Hotel is a purveyor to the Imperial household, and is recently famous as a long-established hotel where Shogi and Igo title games are hel......


Reconsider the lights

An article about the seminar "The role of lighting designers after completion of LEDs" moderated by Reiko Chikada in Enlighten Asia (March, 2017......