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City.People.Light Award

Kanazawa city was awarded the third prize in the 2011 city.people.light awards, the annual global competition of urban lighting. It was the firs......


Lighting Objet 2011

It is a charity exhibition of lights with the concept of "peaceful message for global environment and future of children" and "wish for Japan's ......



Professional Lighting Design China, No.46

Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. was introduced in a 9-page feature in Professional Lighting Design China, No.46, July/August 2011.


"New Sumai no Lighting" supervised by Reiko Chikada was published

The original title of the book is "The Lighting Bible." It is a practical bible that provides solution for residential lighting. Author: Lucy M......


MIKIMOTO Christmas Illumination

The Jumbo Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was held at MIKIMOTO's main store in Ginza, Tokyo. This year's theme is "Children's Dreams". MIKIMOT......



School of Engineering Center Hall, Tohoku University Aobayama Higashi Campus Completed

It is a combined facility of cafeteria, lecture rooms, faculty meeting rooms, and office rooms. (Architect: Yamamoto Hori Architects) 1 / SHINK......


President Stage Tsujido Shonan C-X Completed

We designed solar-powered bench illumination and light falling onto the ground through the trees. The walkway In the patio is dimly illuminated.......


Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

Hisae Nozawa, director, became the member of the Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council as of July 1, 2011. She attended the council meeting on O......


The 21st AACA Prize / The 10th Yoshinobu Ashihara Prize

Reiko Chikada attended the first screening panel held by aaca (Japan Association of Artists Craftsman & Architects) as a judge. The winners will......


Rikkyo Gakuin St. Paul's Chapel

Renovation work of Rikkyo Gakuin St. Paul's Chapel on the Niiza Campus was completed. (Organizer: Rikkyo Gakuin, Architect: Manas Architects & A......



Tohoku University Katahira Campus

Accommodation and dining facilities for foreign researchers will open soon (concept design: Tohoku University, architectural design: Yamamoto Ho......


Lighting in Dubai

A study tour to Dubai: Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building as of September 2011), Armani Hotel Dubai, the Dubai Mall, and Mall of the Emi......



Yongding Tulou Light in China

Reiko Chikada revisited the Yongding Tulou in Fjian, China, after 14 years since her first visit in 1997. The Tulou was inscribed as a World Her......


2011 IES Illumination Awards

Kanazawa Castle Park lighting design won 2011 IES Illumination Awards of Merit (project owner: Ishikawa Prefecture). For a long time, only the r......


Toda City Urban Landscape Conference

Reiko Chikada attended the Toda City (Saitama Prefecture) Urban Landscape Conference as a Landscape Advisor and participated in the discussions ......



Lighting plans for the Nursing Home

Hisae Nozawa has been designing the lighting plans for the nursing home day service centers produced by EARTH SUPPORT (Architects: NAICA Archite......


The Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada attended the Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council as a member. She participated in the discussion about "Designation of the Urban......


Completion of Gyokusenin-maru Remains Entrance Square, Kanazawa Castle Garden

The remains of stonewalls that once surrounded the Gyokusenin Residence sit in the plaza. Gyokusenin was the wife of the second Maeda lord Toshi......



Lighting designs in Denmark

Hisae Nozawa visited The Royal Danish Playhouse, Henning Larsen Architects' Office, Copenhagen Business School, DR Concert Hall, Bagsvaerd Churc......


Staff Profile

Hisae NOZAWA Director Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. 1982 Received bachelor's degree in architecture at Japan Women's University, Faculty o......


Heart Island Shinden 4th Block

Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. designed the landscape lighting and the communal area lighting of recently completed Heart Island Shinden 4th......


The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan 95 years Anniversary

The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan 95 years Anniversary Persons of Merit Award Ceremony was held at Gakushikaikan. Reiko Chikada re......


Chinzan-so Firefly Festivities

From 2011.05.21 (Sat.) to July 10 (Sun.) Garden Illumination "The Three-Story Pagoda (3 min.)" is played every 15 minutes from 19:00 to 22:00. F......



Staff Profile

Nasuka Hiramatsu, Staff Designer Hiramatsu made a significant contribution in Mikimoto Costa Mesa Store project with her language skill. At the......


Classy House Tsujido (Architects: Nikken Housing System Co., Ltd.) was completed.

We designed an original walk-way light with solar battery. Soft light of natural energy spread on the way.


Tohoku University Aobayama East Campus

The completion ceremony of Tohoku University Aobayama East Campus Center Square, Book Cafe Building, and Restaurant and class rooms Building (Pl......



I saw the Ashura statue (national treasure), one of the 28 deities, at Sanjusangendo in Kyoto. The standing image with 3 faces and 6 arms was as......



Night view in Beijing

Although I had visited Beijing several times, I hadn't had enough time to take city-night view photos. During this visit, I finally got a chance......


"The Basics of Interior Design and Space Production"

"The Basics of Interior Design and Space Production (joint work)" has been published by Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd. Reiko Chikada wrot......


Siinoki Cultural Complex

(Yamashita Sekkei Inc., Kokudo Kaihatsu Center, and Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.) Siinoki Cultural Complex received the special award of ......



Nouvelle Akabanedai

It is a reconstruction of a housing estate built in 1963. Our task was to produce safe night scene in the public area and to reduce the financia......


Happy New Year.

I participated in the tai chi demonstration held in Tokyo on January 30th. As I moved my body slowly along with deep breath, I felt like my min......


The Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada attended the Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council as a member. She visited the Nakahara Kaido Street, once flourished in the 16th......