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Kibagata Park West Garden Light Up

In Japanese garden big stones are looked upon as mountains and small pebbles are looked upon as sea. Such 'mitate' is observed in various Japan......



Tokorozawa City Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada attended the council as a committee member and deliberated on the future landscape policy as a reflection of the current landscape......


Saitama City Landscape Council

Deputy Representative His Nozawa attended the council meeting as a committee member and discussed the advisory on the designation of landscape i......


Heart Island Sinden outdoor lighting equipment renewal completed

The renewal of outdoor lighting equipment in the first, second, third, and fourth streets completed by 2004 and 2010, which was designed by Reik......


2019 AACA Awards final screening

Reiko Chikada participated as a judge in the public examination at the 1st floor gallery of the Architectural Institute of Japan. After the desi......



Japan-Korea City Design Exchange Meeting 2019

The symposium was held successfully for two days with Matsumoto City and Nagano City. There were interesting examples from Korean designers, suc......


Kibagata Park West Garden Light-up lighting ceremony

Under the governor of Ishikawa Prefecture, the prefectural council chairman, and the prefectural council members, light was lit up until then. I......


Lighting Design Award Symposium

Reiko Chikada participated as the chair of the jury in the “Lighting Design Horizon” symposium sponsored by the Lighting Design Subcommittee and......



Lecture at the 52nd National Congress of Lighting Society

At the symposium sponsored by the Lighting Design Subcommittee and co-sponsored by the Vision, Color, and Light Environment Subcommittee “Toward......



Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

The Vice President, Hisae Nozawa, attended the council meeting and the committee discussed “social experiment of advertising business utilizing ......


Reunited with Le Ha Hoang

Le Ha Hoang visited Japan for the first time in 15 years. He worked at Reiko Chikada Lighting Design inc, then worked at Zaha Hadid Office and e......



Premist Shonan Tsujido Aqua Face has been completed

The first phase of large-scale development (design: Haseko Corporation) of Shonan Tsujido has been completed. The second phase is scheduled to b......


Kawagoe City Urban Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada participated in the conference as a council member and deliberated the designation about “Regarding the designation of the citys......


RAY 9 completed

The 9th book "RAY 9" has been completed, featuring the work of Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. in 2017-2019. The book design layout is Kanak......


Business trip to Taiyuan, China

Reiko Chikada went on a business trip to Taiyuan City via Beijing. Taiyuan is one of the China's largest city with commercial activity in the ce......


Kanto Gakuin University

Chief designer Takanaga Sachi gave a lecture on lighting design for 90 minutes at Kanto Gakuin University's Department of Symbiosis Design.



2018 Lighting Spread Award Ceremony of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

Nozawa Hisoe of Reiko Chikada Lighting Design and Toshiyuki Kojima of AXS Sato won the lighting spread award at the "OTEPIA", at the same time S......



Old folk house restoration completion

A two-storied traditional Japanese wooden house was renovated to a comfortable house (Architects: Kanazawa Architectural Design Office). Our lig......


TDA City Walk 2019, Visit the Night City

Reiko Chikada, the moderator of the City Walk, vitited Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Hibiya, and Ginza with 50 participants and the lecturer ......


Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

The Vice President, Hisae Nozawa, attended the council meeting and received a report on the implementation of Urban Landscape policy measures an......



IEIJ Lighting Design Award Final Review

Reiko Chikada participated in the final review of the Lighting Award as a jury and selected 1 project for the highest award, 3 projects for the ......



The Kanmon Area (Mojiko Retro District) Night Landscape

As the first year of our three-year night landscape plan (Organizer: Kitakyushu city, Co-designer of the night landscape: APL associates Inc.), ......


Final completion of PREMIST Shonan Tsujido AQUA Face in March

A new hotel-style residential area was built in rapidly evolving Shonan Tsujido where major developments have been conducted. (Architects: Hase......


Saitama Hotel Architecture Council 3rd Meeting

Reiko Chikada attended the meeting as a member and deliberated on "The construction of new Omiya Station East Exit Building"


Saitama Landscape Council

Vice President Hisae Nozawa attended the meeting as a member and deliberated on “The designation of a tree of landscape importance”.


March 9 Mojiko Station Building Lighting Ceremony

The Mojiko station building, the first station building to be designated as important cultural asset, had been on preservation and repair constr......


March 5-8 2019 Enlighten Asia + LIGHTING FAIR

During the International Lighting Design Seminar Enlighten Asia + LIGHTING FAIR international comprehensive lighting exhibitions (Organizer: Jap......



IEIJ Lighting Design Award Preliminary Selection

Reiko Chikada participated as a member and conducted deliberations regarding the preliminary selection of the Lighting Design Award, the Illumin......


2018 Ishikawa Landscape Award

The award winning project is “Asanogawa River Historic Bridge Lighting Maintenance (Hashiba Town, Kanazawa City)” (Designer: Hisae Nozawa) 1 g......


Kawasaki City Urban Landscape Council

Reiko Chikada attended the council meeting as a member and discussed about the process to designate the Kitain Temple Area an Urban Landscape Fo......



Omiya Park Grand Design Study Committee Final meeting

The Committee decided to compile a final report including the basic policies such as “Omiya Grand Park spreading from the forest of Hikawa, to b......


Hokota Minami Junior High School Area Consolidated Elementary School

This elementary school newly built in Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, consists of a 3-story building (18 class rooms, 6 extra rooms, a special ......


Saitama City Hotel Council

Reiko Chikada attended the council meeting as a member of the Council.


Kanazawa Castle Otemon Gate and Ote Moat Illuminations

Kanazawa Castle Otemon Gate and Ote Moat illuminations have been completed as part of creating an attractive night landscape in Kanazawa City. (......


A happy new Year !

I am looking forward to meeting new light.  (Reiko Chikada) Many projects were completed. The night view that superimposes several lights......