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Japan Society of Civil Engineers Design Award 2020

Reiko Chikada and Hisae Nozawa received the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Design Award 2020 Encouragement Award for "Landscape Lighting of Fo......


30th AACA Award, Yoshinobu Ashihara Award, Arts and Crafts Award Final Public Examination

As one of the 11 judges, Reiko Chikada selected 18 works from the total of 77 entries in the first round of judging. And as a result of the on-s......


2020 Korea-Japan Urban Design Exchange Conference

Korea-Japan Urban Design Exchange Conference, in which Reiko Chikada participates every year as a director of the Town Design Aid : TDA, was hel......


JIS Revision Review Committee

Reiko Chikada participated the 2nd web conference of the JIS Z9126 Outdoor Workplace Lighting Standards Revision Draft Committee ( chairperson :......


YOSAKOI held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of Kanazawa Port

Kanazawa Port, where Reiko Chikada Design Inc. designed and directed lighting for the cruise terminal and other areas around the port (in charge......


New Tonami Library opens

It is a library built in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture (architects : Mikami Architects). The one-room space was emphasized by softly illuminat......



Hotel villa "RIZO MOTOBU" opens

A two-story condominium with furniture and home appliances has opened on the beach in Tancha, Motobu, Okinawa (architects : sng DESIGN Inc.). F......



Kanazawa Port

One month after the lighting ceremony on July 3, the number of visitors has already reached 15,000. It was crowded with families from the prefec......


National Crafts Museum Outdoor Sculpture

The masterpiece of sculptor Masayuki Hashimoto, " Sunlight Penetrating Fruit, Fruit in Sunlight Filtering Through Leaves (1978-88) " has been re......



TDA (Town Design Aid / Web Seminar

Reiko Chikada participated as a commentator in the 1st Web seminar of "Landscape making by standing in various trees"-a small base in a green re......


Reiko Chikada received the 2020 Design Achievement Award

Reiko Chikada, who won the 2020 Design Achievement Award of the Illumination Engineering Institute of Japan, received a plaque, a certificate, a......



Night lighting of the National Craft Museum begins

The building relocated and utilized the former Army's 9th Division Command Office and Kanazawa Kaikosha, a nationally registered tangible cultur......


Kanazawa Castle Park Nezumitamon Gate / Nezumitamon Gate Bridge completion ceremony and lighting ceremony

The black plastered Nezumitamon Gate that was restored for the first time in 140 years and the largest wooden bridge in the Kanazawa Castle, Nez......


Video distribution class at KANTO GAKUIN UNIVERCITY

Chief designer Takanaga gave a lecture on lighting design by video distribution at the Department of Design, Interhuman Symbioitic Studies.


Kanazawa Port Wears Special Five Color lights of Kaga Gosai

It is a large-scale production where the fantastic Special Five Color Lights of Kaga Gosai (red, indigo, ocher, grass, ancient purple) and mus......



Reiko Chikada participated in the Webinar Conference “Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis in IALD-Japan”

The activity in the new era proposed by Reiko Chikada was to have all members send a 5-minute self-introduction video about their interest in li......


Received the Award of Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Lighting design of “Four bridges over the Asano River" won the 2019 Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Award of Merit.


Reiko Chikada received the 2020 Design Achievement Award of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

The Awards are given to members who have made outstanding achievements in the lighting world through many years of activities at the Illuminatin......


Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal opened

Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal (Planning: Ishikawa Prefecture, Architects: Ura Architects & Engineers Ltd.) opened. The building, where the light......



Completion of lighting for the promenade of Kanazawa Castle Park Renchimon-Dori

By illuminating the low stone wall of Renchimon-dori between Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle (in charge: Nozawa), The promenade from the 21......


ZOOM class at Shibaura Institute of Technology

Chief designer Sachi Takanaga gave an online lecture on lighting design to 3rd year students of the Department of Design Engineering, Shibaura I......



Thanks Ale

The thanks ale of light were delivered with gratitude to all medical and care workers who are at the forefront of fighting against the new Coron......


Kuromon Earthen Wall and Hakucho Road light-up have completed

In the second Kanazawa City Nightscape Improvement Action Program, in addition to illuminating Oyama Shrine and Ozaki Shrine, we have establishe......



Akishima-ensis (Education and Welfare Center)

The Akishima-ensis, the education and welfare center, has been completed in the center of Akishima City, Tokyo (charge: Takanaga, Architects: AX......


Kawasaki City Landscape Council

Deputy representative Hisaie Nozawa attended the Kawasaki City Landscape Council as a committee member and discussed changes to the landscape fo......


Ozaki Shrine

One of the second part of the Kanazawa City Nightscape Action Program, the light-up (from sunset to 9:00 pm) of the Ozaki Shrine, designated as ......


Kanmon Area (Mojiko Retro Area) Night Lighting Part 2

Following the construction of the night scene at Mojiko Station completed in March of last year, the night scene lighting in the Mojiko retro di......



The lighting of Oyama Shrine and Ozaki Shrine have been completed

Oyama Shrine and Ozaki Shrine landscape lighting have been completed in time for the first visit at the beginning of the year to the shrine. In......



New year greeting

Reiko Chikada : A happy new Year ! Hisae Nozawa : There is a saying “Sansho(Japanese pepper) is spicy even with small grains”. Aiming for a spi......