Title of Works


Organizer / Architect

Architect 5


2016 IES / Award of Merit


Tokyo Kanto Region




Educational Facilities


It is an alumni association hall built to celebrate 120-year anniversary. The construction costs were mostly covered by graduates’ donation; the budget was very tight and the running costs had to be minimum. 4 outdoor buried linear lighting fixtures (LED33.7W, 2700k) continue from the approach to the windbreak room to lead the visitors and the alumnus entering from the street. A φ1.5m pendant light warmly welcomes them. The entrance hall with top light is bright during the daytime. The ceiling mount fixtures (LED32W, 3000k) between the beams illuminate both walls without showing the fixtures, and emphasize the sequence of the beams. In the Japanese-style room entrance, we created a window on the wall (LED4W, 2700K) to ease the narrowness. In the corridor and the lecture room viewed from the playground, we uplit the long corridor’s ceiling with only 1 buried lighting fixture (LED25W, 3000k) to show the way to the entrance hall. We selected 0-100% dimmable LED downlights (54W, 3000k) for the 6m-high lecture room to save energy. The lighting layout is designed to correspond with splitting the room in two. We realized, within the tight budget, a stage lighting responding to the various uses of the lecture room including seminars, music concerts, and theatrical performances. Students can design their own lighting with 8 preset lighting patterns and a manual remote controlling feature of beam angles and focusing for 10 spotlights (LED151W, RGBW, beam angle10~60°.)