Title of Works

Bungotakada City Library

Organizer / Architect

Mikami Architects


2013 IES/Award of Merit


oita Kyushu Region




Educational Facilities


This local city once suffered from depopulation, but it recovered as "1950's town" that attracts 200,000 visitors a year. A new library was built for local revitalization.

The city requested an exciting lighting design for a wide age range. Our lighting design concept was “fresh, not too fancy, and friendly atmosphere for the locals.” We achieved efficient illuminance levels, energy conservation, and ease of maintenance on a tight budget by using dimmable LED down lights only in the high-ceiling area and fluorescent lamps in the low-ceiling area.

Our original zigzag pendant light is hanged with stainless-steel wires in a gentle curve along the furniture layout. It illuminates both the 5700mm-high wooden louvered ceilings and the PC desks/ reading tables below. We hanged 23 lighting units in construction to minimize the costs: each made of double c-channels (75mm-wide, 40mm-high, and 3100mm-long) assembled one above the other containing 2 seamless fluorescents upward and 4 downward (33W, 1500mm).

In the center "light court" surrounded by glass walls, a LED139W spotlight heals tired eyes with a color-changing lighting program.

Down lights, fluorescent wall-washer, and black lights (mounted along the wall-washer, turned off in this image) in the kid’s rooms are used depending on kids programs. The black lights stimulate children's curiosity.

The architectural design is Japanese retro-style. Lights for the carrels leak out to the exterior walls.