Title of Works

Mojiko Station Building

Organizer / Architect

Architects : JR Kyusyu and The Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments
Lighting Planning outside the station : Kitakyushu City, JR Kyusyu
Co-designer of lighting design outside the station : APL Associates Inc.



Fukuoka Kyushu Region




City-Planning, Cityscape


The Mojiko station building, the first station building to be designated as important cultural asset, had been on preservation and repair construction for over 6 years. The station building has a symmetrical exterior design called a wooden 2-story neo-renaissance style. The former first- and second-class waiting rooms on the first floor are JR Ticket center· Tourism information center, the former third-class waiting room part is Starbucks coffee Mojiko Station, the former parcel handling office is Boarding room and the former warehouse is used as an Exhibition room. On the second floor, Mikado Shokudou by NARISAWA is opened, and the former guest room is used as a private room in the Mikado Shokudou by NARISAWA. In the lighting design inside the station building, the downlights illuminate the walls to ensure the brightness without losing the design of the restored retro chandeliers and bracket lights. In addition, we performed floodlighting to the station building front and made it a symbol of Mojiko sightseeing.