Title of Works

Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000

Organizer / Architect

Ministry of Forein Affairs



Okinawa Kyushu Region




City-Planning, Cityscape


July 22, 2000, Reiko Chikada was in Naha, Okinawa, appointed to the chief lighting director for Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Social Dinner.

The dinner was hosted by Japanese Prime Minister Mori and Mrs. Mori and held in Shuri-jo castle, Naha. The concept of lighting was "hospitable light from Okinawa's history and culture," that features:
(1) Beautiful curve of castle wall along the approach
(2) Interior illumination for Keizu-za and Yomotsu-za which G8 leaders first visited
(3) Shicha nu Una(the smaller courtyard), where traditional dance and music was performed
(4) Una(main courtyard), the axis of Shuri-jo castle

Shicha nu Una is Shuri-jo's smaller courtyard used as waiting space for celemony. This time, traditional dance and music was performed here by local citizens. A pillar of light stood right up to the sky from searchlights installed in Suimui Utaki, the most sacred place of Shuri-jo castle. The pillar symbolizes the G8 members' hope for peace and prosperity, and those who look up the pillar would have shared the historical moment with G8 leaders.

Una,main courtyard of Shuri-jo castle, was built by kings of Ryukyu dinasty as the center and axis of Shuri-jo castle. Kings used to hold a celemony of welcoming embassy from China here in front of Seiden, the King's Palace. This time, Una was again a place for welcoming mission from abroad, with the view of Seiden, Nanden and Hokuden dignified in its original glory.

The dinner ended in hospitable and friendly atomosphere and brought Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000 to a successful conclusion.