Title of Works

Kanazawa Castle Park、Kahokumonn Gate, Imoribori

Organizer / Architect

Ishikawa Prefecture


2011 IES/Award of Merit 2011 city.people.light Award/third prize


Ishikawa Hokuriku Region




Public Parks, Public Square


Our task was to make the Kanazawa Castle a new night sight. Our design concept was to express its largeness and magnificence with minimum light. First, we illuminated the surrounding stonewalls with ceramic metal halide lamp spotlights (1.3W/sq.meter). We avoided unnecessary light to the forest above by cutting 70% of upward light with hoods. Second, we created contrast of light and shadow on the buildings and highlighted the symbolic watchtower with 7000K xenon lamps while using lower temperature lamps in other areas. Third, our original LED walkway light with spread lens gained 2lx in average with minimum power (0.53W/sq.meter).

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