Title of Works

Tokyo Metropolitan theatre Renovation

Organizer / Architect

MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd., KOHYAMA ATELIER


2013 IES/Award of Merit 2004 IEIJ/ Good Lighting Design Award


Tokyo Kanto Region




Theater, Concert Hall


It’s a renovation work of a public theater with 4 halls built in 1990. The original atrium lighting was like a gymnasium. The entire facility faced problems: glare, somber atmosphere, confusing directions to the main hall, and energy loss by using incandescent lamps. As for renovation, the local government stipulated certified luminaires and strict illuminance targets.

Our lighting achieved impressive facade, comfortable atmosphere, clear directions to the main hall, and energy-conservation. We used LEDs in the atrium. They were not allowed in the hall and hall foyers due to their noise; we saved energy by using fluorescents in the foyers.

Fa?ade after renovation impressively claims the theater’s presence. Very narrow spotlights (150W CDM-T, 3000k) illuminating the truss ceilings’ edge in an M shape emphasize the atrium’s structure.

Before renovation, it was far from a resplendent atmosphere.

After renovation, the atrium became a comfortable space with warm color lamps; visitors stay there for a longer time. Along the catwalks, where the maintenance is difficult, we installed 78W LED floodlights (2800k) to illuminate the walls. Indirect lighting on the escalator handrail guides the visitors to the main hall foyer (5F).

We achieved prescribed illuminance target 500lx for the atrium entrance and escalator exits with 4 lifting lighting units (8×150W CDM-T very narrow spotlights, 3000k). The energy consumption of the atrium declined to 45% of that of before renovation.

Floor-embedded up lights (32W Hf fluorescent lamp, 3000K) resolved a gloom under the escalator in the atrium. Custom-designed LED lighting pillars (5×5W LED lamps, 2700k) illuminating the floor with indirect light fit into the architecture.

In special events, color lightings on the atrium walls produce an extraordinary atmosphere and provide the visitors with a sense of exaltation.

In the performance hall, the original ceiling remained, so we replaced downlights with glare-less types equipped with anti-glare caps and specular reflectors (250W, 90W halogen lamp). We created dignified atmosphere by emphasizing the brick walls with embedded up lights in the slits (30W dichroic halogen lamp).

In the main hall foyer, the downlights layout was restricted since the original equipments in the ceiling remained. We arranged glare-less downlights (42W compact fluorescent lamp, 3000k), selecting from the original downlight holes, to create light and dark on the floor and to highlight the doors. We illuminated the fresco paintings with high color rendering 16W Hf fluorescent lamps (3000k).