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Yoyogi no Mori Park Mansion
1999 IIDA / Section Award
Yoyogi no Mori Park Mansion

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Yoyogi no Mori Park Mansion

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Architect: Ken Yokogawa Architect & Associates
Construction completed: March 1998

Yoyogi no Mori Park Mansion is a condominium embraced in the green of Yoyogi area. With a respect to such a rich environment, we carefully excluded aggressive glow and took full advantage of mild, calm lighting.

Owing to the building's structure leaving no room above the ceiling, there were some difficulties in installing fixtures. Therefore, though it had been said that indirect lighting is hardly applicable to Japanese apartment houses, we decided to introduce the method as a general concept. Some furniture of each apartment is equipped with illuminators in its top, and warm light pours out in the room. In addition, we installed several power-outlet sockets in the concrete ceiling so that the residents can easily arrange spotlights as an accent on the reflective illumination.

The building has a pool in its facade, and among columns is a flickering reflection from the water. The animated reflection and the illuminated portal calm down the air and harmonize the building with the atmosphere. The foyer features "the egg", curved glass wall on the ground floor, which illuminates the open space of three stories high. By intentionally omitting the other sources of light, we stressed a beautiful contrast of light and shade, and thus furnished the space with a serene comfort.

After an effort of fitting the lighting to difficult conditions, the building was with human and nature. Yoyogi no Mori Park Mansion has become an indispensable part of community and environment.