Let There Be Light in the Sky
Kichijoji Sunroad Shopping Mall Arcade
Tokyo, Japan
architecture by Akiharu Kawamoto Architects & Associates
construction completed in 2004

2004 Good Design Award / Good Design Architecture
Kichijoji Sunroad Shopping Mall Arcade
photo © Kouji Horiuchi
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Kichijoji Sunroad Shopping Mall Arcade

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Sunroad Street in Kichijoji, Tokyo is a center of Japanese young culture where people all over the country visit in the weekends. Our mission was to show out unique attractiveness of the famous shopping mall. In practice, we distinguished three approaches: First, to create a lighting program that make people transition of time and season through the year. We set LED (Light-Emitting Diode) fixtures to apply colored lights on the white surface of membrane ceiling covering the street. Controlled by computers, coloring patterns change from season to season and amuse people's eyes. The program includes four regular patterns and three for occasional use. Regular patterns -- pink, lavender, light green and light blue -- are allotted to four districts of the town. Rest are white, in case strong lights needed; rainbow, showing full variety of colors; and the other for special events, featuring a quick transition of colors. Second, to introduce each shop's unique speciality. We selected warm, vivid-colored lamps for lighting on pavements. The new fixtures achieve five-time brightness on the street surface while cutting down running/maintenance costs. Warm lights added an exciting atmosphere over the street. Third, to contribute people's security during the nighttime. Sunroad is one of the main paths of the local area that people wouldn't do without in their everyday life. The membrane structure covering the street can be opened up in the daytime so people feel the sun and sense the changes of seasons. At night, the ceilings are closed and reflect colorful lights and animated patterns so brightly that people wouldn't be scared by possible crimes. We are sure that the street will enjoy its prosperity for long years.

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