Thirst for the Light
Izumi City Plaza
Izumi, Japan
architecture by AXS Satow Inc.
construction completed in 2002

2004 IIDA / Award of Merit 2004 Osaka Urban Design Awards 2004 IEIJ / Design Award for Light & Lighting
Izumi City Plaza
photo © SS Osaka Co., Ltd.
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Izumi City Plaza

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Izumi City has been developing itself into a overpopulated bed town. The landscape is filled up with uncountable apartment houses. The city needed a symbol that breaks up the monotonous scenery. This was the most crucial reason that they needed Izumi City Plaza. The new facility had to be a town-square that make people in comfort -- in other words, we had to make an oasis in the center of the town. The facility consists of the Life-long Learning Center, the City Library, the Public Health and Welfare Center, the Center for Promotion of Gender Equality, the City Hall, and the City Concert Hall. Triangular edges of the buildings are highlighted as an effective and lively accent to symbolize the building standing in front of the station. We defined our lighting concept from three angles: One, the light to symbolize the inherited memory; Two, the light to emphasize the strong framework of the building; Three, the light to make vivid contour against the sky and the ground lines.

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