The Cascades Jingumae
Tokyo, Japan
Architect: Nikken Housing System

2009 IES Illumination Award / Award of Merit 2008 Good Design Award / Good Design Architecture

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The Cascades Jingumae

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For this luxury condominium, we created gKekkai (a spiritual barrier against the outside world)h by lighting up the surrounding walls that are very impressive due to their natural materials. After entering the gate, visitors are guided to the bright Oasis in the courtyard. In the Oasis, the pond is dark to emphasize the lit-up waterfall. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) fixtures are placed in the pond in the image of a Milky Way. The residents enjoy those LEDs as well as the LEDs set on the glass wall facing the Oasis.
As for the gallery space, we considered the unique feature and the color of the paintings and chose the suitable lightings.
We focused on planning attractive, sophisticated, and relaxing lightings for the condominium.