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1996 IIDA / Award of Merit
Hokkaido Hotel

Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Architect: Zoo Design, Inc.
Construction completed: July 1995

Until about a hundred years ago, Hokkaido Island was known as Ezo, so this style of architecture, derived from Ezo decorative motifs, was called Ezo art-deco by the architects. Seven huge owls on the facade, in a sequence of positions from still through spread wings to take-off, provide visitors to the hotel with a surprising welcome.

In contrast to the exterior, trees in the courtyard give a feeling of calmness once the guest has entered the lobby. The series of columns on the right are individually illuminated to bring out the linearity characteristic of Ezo patterns ,while the blue curved plaster wall on the left is illuminated to guide guests to the front desk at the end of the lobby. The lobby is designed to admit much natural light during the day, while the walls opposite the front desk are used as a gallery to exhibit paintings,which are intentionally illuminated.
Hokkaido Hotel
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At night, the garden is highlighted by controlling the amount of luminance in the adjacent lobby; the adjustable down-lights which illuminate the lobby are controlled to prevent glare in the lobby or on the windows surrounding the garden.

Soil, Bricks, plaster and trees -- the harmony of Ezo's indigenous crafts is enhanced by illumination which enhances the decoration.
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