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Hotel Meridian Grand Pacific
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Hotel Meridian Grand Pacific

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Architect: Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Construction completed: June 1998

In the new urban development area of Tokyo waterfront, Hotel Meridian invites people with a variety of facilities including a restaurant, an exhibition square, a meeting hall and a banquet room. Our arrangement of exterior illumination emphasizes the luxurious beauty of the building so that it can appeal even from a distance.

We emphasized the expression of the entrance by putting strong light upon columns and walls, in contrast to the approach with no more lighting than footlights and tree illumination.

The high rise structure is bordered on the contour with white light. Four 1.8kW narrow beam metal-halide spotlights cast light upon the vertical lines of the structure from the ground. Thirty-six 150W metal-halide lamps in row illuminate the horizontal lines from top of the 29th floor. The 5,600K color temperature lamps light up the vertical lines, while the 4,200K lamps emphasize the edges of the horizontal lines in warmer white light. Being narrowed, the beams of light tune well with each other in spite of their difference in color temperature.

The flank, as large as the height 110 meters by the width 5 meters, needed the most careful selection of fixtures and lamps because there were only 1.5 meters between the illuminators and the surface to be illuminated.

The white lined structure appears clearly even from inside the trains run through the waterfront. By using proper light sources and fixtures, we created an outstanding dynamism with grace in the landscape of the area.