Nakano-sakaue Redevelopment Project
Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Housing & Urban Development Corp.
Unites Architects & Planners
Helm Archiship
Yamamoto Hori Architects
Construction completed: August 1996

Nakano-sakaue Redevelopment Project
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Nakano-sakaue Redevelopment Project: Landscape This series of projects, covering 1.9ha, consists of two high-rise office buildings, low-rise buildings annexed to those, and housing complexes that enclose a park in the center of the block.

Our scope of work is to illuminate communal spaces within and around the structures. We differentiate business-related areas from other areas by using whiter lighting source for the business-related and warm-toned lighting source for the rest.

A pair of trusses, located across the two high-rise buildings within which sandwiches an tall atrium, are highlighting of each elevator hallŐs ceiling, an atrium ceiling, and elevator@structures.

The use of lighting poles is avoided to illuminate the area around the buildings, including the center park, instead, luminaries are mounted on the buildings' surfaces. And the same types of lighting fixtures installed in the airport runways are used to give the trees silhouettes in the park, which is becoming a sanctuary for young lovers apart from the metropolitan chaos.

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