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Naha-shi, Okinawa, Japan
Photograph: November 1997
. Shuri-jo Park: Shuri-jo Castle
1999 IIDA / Award of Merit

Shuri-jo Park
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Shuri-jo Park is a historical quarter of Naha City, Okinawa. Situated at the center of the park, Shuri-jo castle reminds people of the unique history and culture of Okinawa with an image of lost Ryukyu Dynasty.

Through evening, the park invites many tourists and local citizens. However, the lighting there used to be no more than the necessity of security. Even at the annual ceremonies like the moon-viewing feast, the administrators failed in attracting visitors; all they did was to decorate the park with naked illuminators.

Regarding such a situation, we had to achieve three tasks through the project: first, to produce a nighttime landscape of Shuri-jo castle projected towards the Naha city; second, to highlight the history of the lost dynasty; third, to enhance the view from the castle.

By viewing the glorious castle from the city, citizens would cherish their own identity attached with Okinawa. Carefully illuminated, the aged gates, stone pavements, castle walls and red tiles on the roof make visitors feel the history hidden in the scene. Footlights of path illumination are well harmonized with the wonderful sight from the castle on the hill, the city at the feet and the sea at a distance, which would become a new feature of the park.

Although the site is still not fully open to the public at night owing to the legal restriction for Historical Preservation Area, when opened in near future, Shuri-jo Park of Naha City will be the most beautiful place to visit.

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