Title of Works

Eau de Ciel: Daikin Tateshina Mountain Resort

Organizer / Architect

Artec Architects & Associates


1992 IES/Award of Merit


Nagano Chubu Region




Hotel, Lodging Facilities


Facilities including a tea ceremony house and several lodges are constructed widely over the hilly site. The "Center House" and the "Amusement House" are the center of this mountain resort. A small stream goes between the two buildings, while visitors enjoy good command through glass walls. The designer's conceptual goal was to introduce beautiful exterior scenery smoothly into the modern indoor spaces.

From everywhere on the hill, one can see the interior space of the Center House through its glass walls. Extraordinary fixtures for the lobby and the restaurant tell people where the center is. Uplights on the ceiling indirectly brightens indoors, while the light partly comes outdoors through the roof made of fabric materials. The interior lighting serves as exterior illumination, showing the building as if it were a huge lantern.

The Amusement House was partially dug out of a rock cliff. The ceiling is kept dark and spotlights dash beams against the rocks and structures like sunbeams dancing through leaves.

Light spills out from one building and shines on the other. In the dark natural scenery, the lights from the two buildings highlight natural beauty and together melt into one continuous landscape.