Title of Works

Hotel Seashore

Organizer / Architect

Ryosuke Yamamoto Architectural Planning Office


1991 IES/Award of Merit


Hyogo Kinki Region




Hotel, Lodging Facilities


An ideal banquet hall should capable of hosting pleasant parties and formal meetings, but under the limited power supply of in-house generator, the designer was asked to save energy consumption as much as possible. Besides, there were three specific conditions that made lighting plan difficult: one, the hall's ceiling height was only 3.2 meters; two, the hall's plan had an irregular shape of a quarter circle; and three, there were two pillars in the middle of hall.

The concept was a lily flower.

The chandelier at the center is the pistil. The petals are drawn on the ceiling and walls . The small chandelier as the pistil and the indirect lighting by fluorescent lamps as the petals were the crucial point of the lighting plan. Pinhole downlights with low-consumption 12V 50W halogen lamps are scattered in the flower's outline, twinkling like stars. This harmonized the lighting with the hall's irregular shape. In the front wall, above the main table of the hall, a horizontal lighting fixture with color transition system was installed.

The flower transforms in its shape and color by the hall's lighting control. With restricted power supply, gorgeousness for a party and calmness for a meeting were at the same time realized in a banquet hall.