Title of Works

Kojima Nursery

Organizer / Architect



Chubu Region




Educational Facilities


It is a reconstruction of a nursery with more than 150 children, established and maintained by an auto parts manufacturer for its employee and the community. The 2,250㎡ single-story building has 10 nursery rooms surrounding a 30m×30m wide lawn playground in a U shape. The rooms are 8m×7.5m wide with slanted ceilings of 5.5m-3.2m high. They all have high windows for daylighting.
In our lighting design, we accentuated the slanted ceiling by illuminating the ceiling and the floor together with lighting fixtures installed on the top and the bottom of the building components suspended from ceiling. We created a comfortable atmosphere in the whole building with lighting color temperatures of 3000K to 3500K.