Title of Works

Okayama Korakuen

Organizer / Architect


2017 IES / Award of Merit


Okayama Chugoku Region




Public Parks, Public Square


Okayama Korakuen is one of the three most beautiful garden in Japan, a famous circuit style garden of feudal lords (daimyo) built in Edo period. It has a large lawn area, a pond, a miniature hill, and a teahouse connected by paths and water channels. The Kakumei-kan Hall is a building that conveys old samurai residence and is now used by many citizens. The Enyo-tei House used be the most important structure in the garden that was used as a lounge when the domain lord visited the place. Our lighting design of Kakumei-kan Hall and Enyo-tei House in the spring illumination, aimed to accentuate the samurai residence and to create dignified and elegant ambience. We illuminated the roof surface, the roof ridgelines, the eaves, and the gables of the buildings to dynamically connect the Kakumei-kan Hall / Enyo-tei House with the Okayama Castle in the distance. Moreover, in the summer illumination, the large lawn area and Naka-no-shima Island are lit up. We created a sea of firefly with solar-powered small LED lights. In addition, the arched bridge to Naka-no-shima Island, the teahouse building and its roof, and the roof of the boats are illuminated to form clear and impressive scenery reflected on the surface of the water.