Title of Works

Otofuke Crematory

Organizer / Architect



Hokkaido Hokkaido Region




Public Facilities


Otofuke Crematory stands in a dry field, surrounded by typical beautiful countryside scenery of the Hokkaido Tokachi Plain. We paid extra attention in our lighting design for this crematory to create a solemn atmosphere in the crematorium hall where people bid final farewell to the deceased. We also aimed to produce relaxing waiting rooms to comfort the family members of the deceased. The crematorium hall is filled with natural light from top lights during the daytime and people can see the lush gardens from the windows on both sides of the hall. From autumn to spring when the sun goes down early, we installed strong white colored light inside the top light to fulfill the hall with solemn light instead of natural light. In the waiting room, we designed warm relaxing atmosphere with indirect lighting.