Title of Works

A House in Daishoji

Organizer / Architect

Kanazawa Architectural Design Office Co.,Ltd



Ishikawa Hokuriku Region




Private House


A two-storied traditional Japanese wooden house was renovated to a comfortable house. After the overall renovation from the building foundation to the roof, home electronic equipment necessary for modern life was installed. Our lighting plan was designed to attain necessary brightness in the Japanese room, the living room, and the bedrooms for convenient daily life. In addition, we aimed to maximize the dignified beauty of the traditional Japanese house such as the wooden floor, tatami (straw mat), shoji (paper screen), white walls, joists, and beams. The 7m-high open ceiling space in the center of the house used to be a dark space with crossing old beams. We illuminated the two white walls and installed a large pendant light above the table to realize a bright living room with a feeling of traditional Japanese open ceiling space. We also lit up the shoji behind the latticework facing the street to show the warm ambience of the house and to emphasize the elegant architecture of the traditional Japanese house.