Title of Works

Flower Garden, Ishikawamon Gate, Swan Road

Organizer / Architect

planning: Ishikawa Prefecture(Ishikawamon Gate), Kanazawa City(Flower Garden, Swan Road )



Ishikawa Hokuriku Region




Public Parks, Public Square


The Flower Garden, which is located on a busy boulevard where cars and buses pass by, but has been shrouded in darkness, has been transformed into a new tourist attraction. A night view with a sense of perspective was created by contrasting the trees in the pond in the foreground with the lead-tile and white plaster Ishikawamon Gate and stone drop in the background by using different light colors. The trees and sculptures along Swan Road, which begins at the Flower Garden and leads to Kanazawa Castle's Otemon Gate, are illuminated by light, creating a greenway where citizens and tourists can enjoy strolling through at night.