Title of Works

Toyoda Ohashi Bridge

Organizer / Architect

Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates


2000 IES/Award of Merit


Aichi Chubu Region




Bridge, Road, Sluice Gate


Exquisite shape of beast's bones inspired this bridge's structuralconcept.

Since the beginning, a lighting plan had been developed by thearchitect; however, due to its intricate morphological structure, the early plan faced great difficulties. Thus, we were asked to refine whole lighting plan just before completion.

Two major problems: First, when seeing from a distance, too strong lights on the road blurred conceptual illumination on the bridge; Second, light projection on the beautiful structure was found to be monotonous.

In particular, road lighting fixed on the arches' edge had a problem that the light would directly reach viewer's eyes. The designer had to re-consider every illuminator and reflector's installation angle. Pole fixtures were newly equipped with louver, cutting off noisy glare.

As for lighting on structure, the solution was additional fixture-mounting points which make it possible to focus on the bridge's two extraordinary features; the arch, which refers to the breastbone of a beast, and curved side planes, corresponding to the shoulder blades. The designer made two lighting programs that can be switched over from one to the other. One emphasizes the appearance like white beast's bones; the other lay bluish color on the blade boards on both sides, symbolizing rich water flowing below.

Diffuse glare is cut off, monotonous lighting is totally re-considered. Within the limitation of power supply, we gave tones to the bridge, and created impressive image of a beast slumbering on the river.