Title of Works

Itako Water Gate

Organizer / Architect

GK Sekkei Architectural & Environmental Design


1991 IES/Award of Merit


Shizuoka Chubu Region




Bridge, Road, Sluice Gate


The concept was citizens' observatory, a monument in a seaside town, and a landmark that tells fishers where their home is.

The most challenging point was balance of light and dark. A landmark should be brightly contrasted, but too strong light could disturb beautiful scenery in the night sea. In addition, it was also difficult task to harmonize a massive concrete foundation and slender iron structure of truss towers.

In the lower foundation part made of massive concrete, warm-colored small incandescent lamps are installed at the top so they can be maintained from the upper part. The lamps emphasize the concrete structure to distant viewers while people on the observatory can see the light pouring out through mesh structure of the floor.

In the upper part, towers are sharply illuminated with white light of mercury lamps, which, at the same time, safely lighten the steps.

Concrete and iron, light and dark are balanced in two colors and two levels of brightness. Different textures are contrasted and harmonized as one night scene of the water gate.