Title of Works

Tomi City Hall and the Community Center Renovation

Organizer / Architect

APL associates Inc.



Nagano Chubu Region




Public Facilities


1, It is a renovation of the old City Hall and the Community Center in a small local city famous for its walnuts. The renovation plan preserved the old buildings, and each building’s interior was renovated one by one. Only the community center was expanded. The requirements for the lighting renovation were to create a friendly atmosphere in the simple design interior with low-cost lighting, to achieve targeted illuminance levels, and to realize energy conservation. The budget was severely restricted, so we selected light fixtures cheap as the original fluorescent fixtures both in aspects of fixture cost and construction cost.

2, This is the new lounge of the Community Center after the interior renovation. We selected low cost ceiling mounted seamless LEDs (17.9W and 22.7W, 3000K, Ra82, low-intensity lamp) to achieve 510 lx on average. We also produced brightness on the ceiling by uplighting from the furniture.

3, This is the City Hall after the interior renovation. We selected LED pendant lights with milky-white acrylic covers (35W, 3500K, Ra84) to suit the interior renovation design that shows all the building equipments. We achieved 700 lx on average.

4, We custom-designed an LED walkway light (3W, 3000K, Ra80) with 4 solar battery panels (7W each) for the walkways connecting the city buildings on the sunshiny hill. It was convenient because there was no need for power distribution works.