Title of Works

Yamaguchi Prefecture Health Center

Organizer / Architect

Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd.


1998 IESAward of Merit


Yamaguchi Chugoku Region




Public Facilities


The building is a complex facility including the health department of Yamaguchi city featuring a glass wall atrium. Since two sides of the facility front upon roads, the atrium has a conspicuous appearance even from a distance. Given this advantage, the lighting designer suggested the glazed structure be an outstanding landmark operating as a link between the facility and the local community, calling the monumental building as"a chest of glow."

In order to emphasize the attractive view of transparent materials of the exterior wall, the designer installed spotlights plugged in the floor and put light upon the steel wires which suspend panes from the inside of the wall. Each lamp is equipped with a non-glare cap so as to prevent it from irritating visitors' sight.

In addition, considering its location surrounded by a pond and the objets installed on the water, the designer had to harmonize the illuminated building with its circumstances. As an answer, the designer put lamps under the water and lighted up the artwork so as to attract the eyes of visitors and guide them towards the chest of glow.

Sparkling like a jewel box, the atrium now operates as an extraordinary landmark of the area. Today, the chest of glow attracts people and keeps its unique position joining the inside of the building to the outside, that is, the facility into the community.