Title of Works

Kutaniyaki Art Museum

Organizer / Architect

Atelier Zo



Ishikawa Hokuriku Region




An Art Gallery, Museum


The OLD "KUTANI-YAKI" is the world-known pottery. There are very few left and mysterious, such as, it is not specified where they were produced even today. This museum is the first specialized "KUTANI-YAKI" mesium in the world. It is planned that the people can see the pottery, just as in old days, in natural light from the garden. The lighting design is required to coexist with natural light and to give the special attention to unique design and color of the pottery. Natural-color 12v-50w dicroic halogen lamps are chosen for the spotlight to show the color bright. The walls behind the pottery are lit to lessen the effects of the reflection of natural light from the garden. In addition to this, the glass-fiber up-lights are set in front of the pottery. For the room, which has the low window and has little reflection, the designer put only the glass-fiber spotlights to show the details of the gold-color lines drawn on the pottery. It is surprising that the time they made appears on the pottery by the tiny lights.