Editing of cartulary of Makuhari Baytown was started.

photo ? SS Tokyo Co., Ltd.

photo ? Kudou Photo Co., Ltd.

This business formed streets as high quality city planning and comfortable houses. Passed from a design start of 1991 between about 15 and finally greeted one turning point.

A scene and illumination of common use department are not dazzling and form outlook on night view by accumulation of gentle light in a building. It creates night views with a change to have kept a characteristic in an entrance of each house ridge.

(plan, design, adjustment: Urban Design Institute Co., Ltd.
design: SKM Architects & Planners, Inc. / ikken Housing System Co., Ltd. / Atelier Nanjo / Kyuma Architect & Associates / Designing department of Obayashi Corporation / Designing department of Asanuma Corporation / Ryoko Ueyama Landscape Design Studio / Color Planning Center,Inc. / Clima / Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.)

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