Lighting designer Reiko Chikada won excellent prize of IESNA consecutively for two years

Lighting designer Reiko Chikada attended at International Illumination Design Prize Award ceremony held in Arizona Science Center of Phoenix. An lighting plan of Kyushu National Museum won excellent prize of The Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award For Interior Lighting Design 2006 of IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America).

Following The Heart Island, Shinden Ichibangai of last year (it won excellent prize of The Waterbury Award For Outdoor Lighting), this is two consecutive year winning of excellent prize.

As one of four excellent prize works chosen among entries from the world, a certificate of merit was given building owners, and a shield of crystal glass was given lighting designers.

Audience praised and made a stir, that is why lighting designer Reiko Chikada wore "art of light" which emits blue light with movement (designed by Erina Kashiwabara).

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