Hama-rikyu Gardens / playing lights in the garden of cherry blossom season

Look at image photographs of a part of the garden illumination that Reiko Chikada Design Office plays a key role and pushes forward. We assemble light centering on three points: to make waterscape, to make a gorgeous, dynamic scene agreeing with overwhelming light of building group of Shiodome, to make a point to let everyone feel memory of water of Hama-rikyu.

Holding period: from Friday, April 6 to Sunday, April 15
Holding time: sunset to 21:00 (Every day during holding period)
Entering: until 20:30 (entering only in Ote-mon Gate after 16:30)
Entering charges: the public persons and junior high students are 300 yen. persons older than 65 years old are 150 yen. (children less than primary schoolchild and junior high student of attendance or resident in Tokyo are free of charge)

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