"playing lights in the garden of cherry blossom season" was started

"Playing lights in the garden of cherry blossom season" in the Hama-rikyu Gardens was started on April 6 until 15th. The large garden where takes one hour to go around, was full of a lot of people who enjoyed "the eight beauty lighting spots" whose made an elaborate plans. (Sponsorship: Tokyo park association / Cooperation: Martin Professional Japan Ltd., Tokyo Butai Showmei Co.,Ltd., and Kobayashi Denso Ltd.)

Photographs above, from the left to the right sequentially: (1) Otemon / beau lights, (2) Ruin of Enryoukan / bonfire, (3) Otsutaibashi / waterscape of the cherry blossoms, (4) The cherry blossoms / shining gorgeous light path, (5) Sea side of Otsutaibashi / reflections in the water, (6) Shioiri-No-Ike / waterscape of the teahouse, (7) Uchibori / waterscape of the histories, (8) 300-years-pine / A scene of the four seasons

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