Reiko Chikada gave a lecture in Sundaigakuen

The astronomy lecture of Sundaigakuen has the long history as an lecture thrown open generally. Appearance of Masatoshi Koshiba of the winning Nobel Prize in Physics is planned for 500 times of memory lectures on November 2007.
The lecture title was "Aims at the high quality illuminations".

City activity to improve quality of life becomes the big cause of environmental problems such as global warming or the light pollution. To improve light pollutions, not only the regulations of excessive illuminations but also aiming at "The high quality illumination design" to consider the environments is needed. About "What is the constitution for good illumination?", "How does the role of the illumination change by the difference of the project?", Reiko Chikada introduced the way of thinking of the illumination design concretely with showing images.

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