The symposium "Town Planning for the Sense Environment -to the rich town filled with lights, winds. ragrances-"

Reiko Chikada attended to the symposium held in the Hall of Maru Building as a panelist.

Today when it finished the period of the high growth of economy after World War II, and people's sense of values diversified. The needs to the living environment switches it to quality from quantity. The points of the symposium: to support this qualitative needs, we should prevent the heat-island phenomenon, the light pollutions, the bad smells, and the noises. And we should generally promote town plannings which make much of human five senses, and we should secure good living environment.

Sponsorship: Ministry of the Environment, The Tokyo Shinbun
Attendants: Motoyuki Suzuki, Kazuhiko Takemoto, Shigeru Inoue, Akio Tsubota, Keisuke Tachiki, Yuzumi Yamashita, Reiko Chikada, Hideki Tachibana, Yumiko Sato

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