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Reiko Chikada:In japan, turning on the light is called "turning on the electricity" I thought it was because Japanese lighting design was delayed for a long time, but now I can find a new meaning when I think about the global environment. What kind of electricity and how to turn it on. I would like to create a beautiful and comfortable lightning environment without light pollution with the minimum amount of energy.

Hisae Nozawa:Several projects were comleted in 2021 as well. The "light" I was involved in will continue forever. I would like to pursue lighting design.

Sachi Takanaga:With the revival of on-site lighting experiments, lighting adjustments, and face-to-face meetings, I am renewed. The lighting installed during the past year is waiting for locals and tourists. I hope that this year, many people will see the real light, not through the screen.

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