Title of Works

Hisago Tokyo Headquarters

Organizer / Architect

Takeo Kamiya & Associates


1995 IES/Award of Merit


Tokyo Kanto Region






This office on the twelfth floor of Ebisu Garden Place Tower is not only the Tokyo headquarters of Hisago, but also a showroom which functions as a setting for explanation of the company's product, computer software systems, to clients. The lighting arrangement for the showroom emphasizes the desire to "create a deep impression on the clients," as opposed to providing a simple visual display of the company's products.

The "patio," which serves as the reception room, is the first room visitors enter. While the overall illumination is rather dim, 12V 50W halogen lamp spotlights built into the ceiling illuminate the walls and a sculpture in the center of the room.

The door leads into the seminar room filled with soft, diffused lighting. This room is followed by the conference room and the consultation room, which feature pleasant non-glaring lighting appropriate for the business of introducing clients to the company.

This lighting arrangement serves to counter the harsh image of computer software held by client, and the positive impression leads to positive results in business dealings.