Title of Works

Kume Sekkei Headquarters

Organizer / Architect

Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd.



Tokyo Kanto Region






With a six-story high foyer at the center, this building is divided into three types of areas; an atrium, a work area, and a recreation area. Two points to consider when planning lighting are the creation of dynamic contrast between spaces and the creation of change in atmosphere, one which is achieved by using different color temperature lamps.

While the lighting in the working area is maintained relatively high in color temperature, the lighting in the recreation area is kept low to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. This contrast feeling is achieved by using 5,000K fluorescent lamps in the working area, which blend well with the natural light, and 3,000K halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps in the recreation area.

Then, what is the best color temperature lamp for the atrium which links the above two areas that have totally different functions? A high color temperature lamp similar to the one in the working area would destroy the unique outstanding feature of the atrium. However, a soft low color temperature lamp like the ones seen in hotel lobbies would create too much affable feeling which would conflict with high color temperature lamp in the work area. As the atrium is a reception area, an unique impression should be created. Considering these points, 3,500K metal halide lamps, slightly higher in color temperature than the ones used in the canteen and the bar area are selected for the basic lighting of the atrium.