Title of Works

Canon Shimomaruko Building

Organizer / Architect

Nikken Sekkei LTD.



Tokyo Kanto Region






The lobby in the center of the building, with its 16-meter-high ceiling, is also an area which express the corporate identity of Canon. Located on the second floor, it is connected to the ground floor entrance hall by a stairway. The lobby normally serves as a foyer for the conference hall, but on special occasions may be used for receptions or exhibitions of the new products. Daytime and nighttime lighting were designed with lamps of different color temperatures.

During the day, toplight through the glass roof onto the lobby floor is only 1-10 percent of daylight. Therefore, 250W metal halide wall washer downlights were installed to provide supplementary illumination for both side walls; this created a free, open, well-lighted space.

At night, the above-mentioned metal halide lamps are switched off, and warm light emanates from halogen lamps. Two types of halogen lamps were installed in the fixtures hanging from the glass roof. One is a 500W narrow beam spotlight which throws light into the center of the lobby; the other is a 100W halogen lamp which illuminates the walls around the glass roof. On the stairway, only footlights built into the railings show the way. Thus, the active daytime atmosphere is changed to one of quietness with rich shadings and shadows. Auto-lifters installed in wall washer downlights and roof-hung lights permit easy maintenance.