Title of Works

Nippon Life Insurance Company Training Center

Organizer / Architect

Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd.



Tokyo Kanto Region






This building is a training center for the staff of Nippon Life Insurance Company, mainly saleswomen, from all over the country. It has, as a special feature, an interior garden with a toplight called the "Grand Lobby" which connects a training building, a dormitory, and auditorium, and a meeting building.

The Grand Lobby, as large as height 15m x width 38m x depth 34m, is the core of the building designed to be a place where the company's identity is expressed, while trainees can get acquainted taking a walk. In daytime, the lobby is an open forum with a flood of sunshine from the toplight.

At night, low garden lights, small lamps reflected on the water and custom-made pole lamps in the cafe terrace shine and make quiet atmosphere on the ground.

From the atrium ceiling, eight 400W metal halide lamps wash trees and walls, while eight 500W halogen lamps brightly focus on the cafe terrace.

Heart-warming atmosphere will surely make training efficient.