Title of Works

Chinzan-so, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so

Organizer / Architect

Fujita Kanko, Inc.


2009 IES Illumination Award /Award of Merit


Tokyo Kanto Region




Hotel, Lodging Facilities


01 We designed a dynamic hotel garden illumination, “The Symphonies of Lights.” There are two types of Symphonies: “3-minute Special Symphony of Lights with Music” and “One-hour Seasonal Symphony of Lights without Music.”
It is 66,000 square-meters Japanese-style garden with a 1000 year-old pagoda.
The previous garden illumination had troubles: illumination of western-style church ruined the Japanese-style garden, lighting fixtures with various lamps were inefficient, night garden was unattractive for a walk, and reflections of the interior lightings on the windows disturbed the view from inside.
Our task was to plan a brand new garden illumination to increase the customers of the restaurants, the banquet halls, and the hotel rooms.

02 Our plan illuminates only the trees and historic Japanese monuments to emphasize the Japanese-style. Color-changing spotlights controlled by DMX signals illuminate the trees and the pagoda. Metal-halide lamps and LEDs are chosen to save the energies. Also in the restaurants and the lobbies, we lowered the illuminance level and cut the glares.
3-minute Special Symphonies of Lights are offered at parties in the banquet halls. Vivid colored lights change dramatically in synchronization with melodies played by Japanese traditional instruments.

03 Meanwhile, One-hour Seasonal Symphonies are performed every day, repeatedly from sunset to 23:00. Soft colored lights change and move slowly.

04 Only the pagoda and the walkway are illuminated during the fireflies’ season to protect them.

05 Now, many people enjoy the night garden walk.

06 The pagoda illuminated with white and yellow lights create celestial atmosphere.

07 Our new illumination decreased the electronic power consumption by half compared to before. 44 LED spotlights (139W) and 39 metal halide lamp spotlights (150W) for trees, 1 metal halide lamp spotlight (575W) for the pagoda, and 230 LED foot lights (2.7W) for the walkway are used.

08 The trees illuminated with LEDs make beautiful reflections on the water.