Title of Works

Urayasu Brighton Hotel

Organizer / Architect




Chiba Kanto Region




Hotel, Lodging Facilities


The lighting in the lobby which features a 17m diameter glass dome was designed to keep a balance between the natural light and the artificial light. The natural light creates warm feeling during the day while becoming bluish at dusk. This darker color gives the surrounding area a quality of sadness. An artificial sky with an evening glow was created in the lobby to raise the guests' expectation of the dinner they are going to enjoy.

In addition, there are 60,000-hour-life electrode-less discharge lamps, fluorescent lamps with light orange filters, upper light of halogen lamps fixed inside the glass dome, submersible lighting of 12V 50W halogen lamps in the pond beside the lounge. Easy maintenance and minimizing the running cost was taken into consideration in designing the lighting.

The brightness of the lobby: from 100% to 50%
Fluorescent upper light with light orange filter: from 70% to off
A narrow spot light for the center table: from 100% to off

We succeeded in producing luxurious light both during the day and at night by offering a dramatic change using a balance of natural and artificial light according to the time of the day.