Title of Works

Colors Struggle Oi Keibajo, L-Wing

Organizer / Architect

MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers


2005 IES/Award of Merit


Tokyo Kanto Region




Commercial Facilities


L-WING is one of the most famous facilities of Tokyo City Keiba (Tokyo Metropolitan Horse Race), where people enjoy watching races at night. The designer's aim of lighting is to take people into the heat and excitement of the race with energetic impact of vivid colors of light. People passing by on the highway, or others riding on trains, would see L-Wing's membrane roof colored in an impressive pattern and know which race is about to begin. Before the race, white lights calm down people in a natural touch. Along the starting time come closer, the illumination changes its color little by little. Once horses struggle out the gates, quick transition of colors accelerates people's excitement.