Title of Works

SHARE yaraicho

Organizer / Architect

Spatial Design Studio


2013 IES/Award of Merit


Tokyo Kanto Region






It is a shared house for 7 residents. Inside the 6m-wide, 12m-long, and 10m-high box, 4 smaller boxes contain 7 private rooms. It is an ensemble of working and residence spaces: furniture studio/lavatory (1F), private rooms/toilet (2F), and kitchen/lounge (3F). The facade is semi-transparent canvas. The architectural design gave leeway in the spaces to allow residents create their own style. Our task was to design optimum light for working and residence spaces with a tight budget in a short construction schedule. We emphasized the boxlike architecture, allowed flexibility in the spaces, and minimized the light fixtures to keep to the budget.

We used only LEDs. Minimum numbers of recessed down lights (LED 23.1W, Ra85, 2800k, 40°) are arranged irregularly in the studio to evoke creativity in the furniture designers as well as to gain sufficient illuminance. Ra85 was enough for distinguishing wood colors.

Plug-in ceiling lights in the private rooms can be flexibly changed by residents' preferences.

2 LED down lights illuminate the toilet door and the shelves at both ends of the stair hall and, at the same time, sufficiently illuminate the stairs.

The kitchen/lounge is accentuated with asymmetric indirect light: uplight from shelves and footlight on the opposite side. We chose LED linear fixtures (19W, Ra90, 2800k, 17mm-high, 1250mm-long) because magnet mounting attachments were convenient for setting footlight, blindfold boards for uplight were unnecessary due to its smallness, and Ra90 was desirable for the residence space.

Footlight provides a relaxing atmosphere.