Title of Works

Residential Lobby Diana Garden Hiroo

Organizer / Architect

Kajima Design


2007 IES/Award of Merit 2007 IALD/Award of Merit 2007 IEIJ/ Design Award for Light and Lighting


Tokyo Kanto Region






This luxury condominium stands on a slope behind buildings facing the main road, in an urban, upper-class residential area. There were two points of issue that mar the image of high-end residence: 1) The unnoticeable residential entrance located in the first floor of the office building that connects the condominium and the road, and 2) the lack of daylight in the corridor and the residential lobby. We overcame those problems by creating a light-edged gate to attract attention to the entrance, and placing luminous pillars in the corridor and the lobby to produce a quiet oasis in the night-less city. The luminous pillars image shows the plate and the cold cathode fluorescent lamp. The lamps are low power consuming: The power consumption per pillar is 16.4w, which results to an electric bill of around $70 for all 8 pillars/24-hour lighting, one month. The maintenance cost is also low since the average lamp life is 40,000 hrs.