Title of Works

New Town Front COCONE Kamifukuoka

Organizer / Architect

Urban Renaissance Agency, Saitama Regional Branch Office


2007 IIDA / Award of Merit


Saitama Kanto Region






A multi-complex facility with a shopping center, a parking lot, and a residential tower was constructed for redeveloping a station area in a suburb.

For new landmarks, we lit the art object on top of the residential tower and the horizontal lines of the elevator hall of the tower.

To create a new gateway of the town, a colorful lighting show is performed on the wall of the parking lot's building. 11 color-changing spotlights (150W, metal halide lamp) are mounted on the structural steels of the building. The show is performed every 15 minutes and changes monthly.

Since the show is performed near the station, we incorporated the movement of a train into one of the shows; the lights move in, stop, and move out just like a train coming into and out of a platform.

To attract people to the shopping center, we designed the facade lighting casual, pleasant, and easy to stop by.

In the residential tower entrance, spherical lighting fixtures with 12W compact fluorescent lamp and recessed down lights with 1.2W blue LEDs are arranged in a circle on the ceiling. At midnight, only the LED down lights are turned on.