Title of Works

An Illuminated Life Shinonome Canal Court CODAN

Organizer / Architect

basic scheme:Urban Renaissance Agency+ Nihon Sekkei,Inc. design adviser: Riken Yamamoto、landscape adviser: Hiroki Hasegawa, landscape plan: studio on site, sign design: Hiromura Design Office, lighting design: Reiko Chikada, Riken Yamamoto & Fi


2006 IES/Award of Merit 2004 IEIJ/ Good Lighting Design Award 2005 Ministry of International Trade & Industrial / Good Design Architecture Gold Medal


Tokyo Kanto Region






Shinonome Canal Court Central Zone is an urban style housing complex accomodating some 2,000 families. Six architects designed six buildings practicing their ambitious concepts through collaboration with experts of landscape, sign and lighting. The aim of lighting plans was to remodel the whole town's nighttime landscape by taking advantage of unique structures of the buildings. The region's traits of progressiveness is shown in some experiments. One example is a cube-shaped fixture that works as a bench for pedestrian and a sign to indicate the paths as well as an illuminating tool. Another is LED fixtures installed in the S-shaped walkway. Blue lights like a small canal remind people of the identity of the area.